Help Needed With Plr membership site!

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Hi quys,

I am thinking of sourcing qualitative,never-seen-anyway, digital products from resell rights membership sites but I am confused with the thousands out there and don't really know which to go for.

Any helpful tips on where to go and which membership will provide me with qualitative and never-seen-anywhere kinds of digital products will be immensely appreciated.

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  • If you are getting into PLR products, then it is most likely that almost any given PLR product has been seen somewhere before. A lot of PLR products continue to get rehashed and resold over and over again. If you have any internet marketing experience, maybe you could just buy a single PLR product, go through it, and add your own own knowledge to it to make a new product. I wouldn't expect to get tons of new PLR products that are fresh through any membership site. I would buy some PLR products, remake them into your own, and sell them as a new product.
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    You aren't going to be getting unique, never seen before products from plr or MRR sites.
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