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Hey guys im trying to set up a campaign on adwords because i found some really great low cost keywords. I ran into a problem though. I am not a big adwords guy, so i need your help!

I am promoting a biz opp affiliate offer, so first things first. Obviously google doesnt allow affiliate links so I am doing a redirect, is that how i should go about it? and wont that give me a bad quality score?
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    from my understanding you cant link straight to them using an affiliate link or link to your site with a redirect.

    You try this.
    1. adwords ad lands on a squeeze page on your site.
    2. Give away a free report/audio/video/eclass etc.. In exchange for the optin.
    3. On the thankyou/download page under the link for the download or video put in big letters WAIT, under that right a few paragraphs about how you have found a great thing that can help them solve xyz problem, and they can solve xyz problem by click this link.
    4. They click the link and goto the sales letter of the product youre promoting
    5. Hopefully they buy.

    So what does this model do.
    1. Helps improves quality score
    2. Builds a list which you can market to at a later date
    3. Hopefully get an instant sale.

    Good luck
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