THINK TANK--Your Best Tip on how to ... Benefit From not Protecting Your Ebook

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I have decided to start this thread today as a result of the feebback I have received to one of my last posts related to ebook protection and theft.

I believe now that it is a pain in the a** for any of my future buyers when a ebook is protected as I am pained by the process myself. I have now concluded the following based on the feedback I have received from my last posts.

If we can beat those who will always find a way to crack the code on ebook protection so then lets use them to help us make more sales.

The idea here is lets put on our thinking caps...and lets turn a lemon into a sweet apple, lets look for ways to benefit from our ebook being sold illegally and shared on share sites as torrent.


1) Lets find out what software can at least protect our content from being copied and list it here

2) Try to make the person who stole your ebook work for you, lets turn this around some how submit your best tips and ideas on how to put them to work for us despite their sharing and selling of our ebook

3) In what ways or how can we have the person who stole it to help us promote us guys lets put those guys to help us some kind of way, we all need to put on our thinking caps here...LETS FIGHT BACK LIKE THIS..
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    Quit focusing on the scammers.

    Instead, focus your time, energy and money on serving
    the people who deserve your attention: your prospects
    and especially your customers.

    Look at how you can serve them better.

    The scammers are an unfortunate fact of this business.
    It comes with the territory. But they're not worth undue
    time and attention.

    Look at ways to prevent theft - sure. But don't dwell on

    Focus on your loyal buyers instead.

    Dedicated to your success,



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    Simple way you can do it, put affiliate links on the e-book. Although e-books are really hard to protect since they can be edited anyway even in PDF version.

    Although I found this:

    Ebook Protection - provides an ebook protection and ebook security service

    Don't know if it works.

    I might create something myself that you writers can use to protect your e-books or other works.

    Simple Quoting, Client Management & Invoicing Tool In One

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      Originally Posted by rikkib51 View Post

      Simple way you can do it, put affiliate links on the e-book.
      If the scammer isn't prepared to pay for the original
      e-book, what makes you think that they'll want to
      pay anything for the affiliate offers?

      They'll more likely search for the affiliate offers to
      get them for free too.

      Using e-book protection software just ends up cheesing
      off your paying customers.

      Dedicated to your success,



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    There are tons of ebook programs, you can put them in exe files, but they are not popular.

    Alternatively you can stuff it full of affiliate links and spread it through forums and torrent.sharing sites yourself, but this has been done to death.
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    These people aren't going to buy it anyway, so don't think of it as lost revenue if someone steals your book.
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    Frankly My "method" is to not even think about them.

    Oh, I have in the past but I feel much better and my blood pressure stays lower when I (now) don't even give them a second thought. I'm only thinking about them now because I saw your thread.

    As far as the links and other ways to get them to spread our stuff around for us, we should be doing that anyway.

    Anything "extra" one would do to make a product viral or get more sales in any way, should be done thieves or no thieves.

    Don't focus on the negative, focus on the current product and the next products. That feels much better.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    The other thing to think about is the 'perception of free' and how it affects people who illegally download your stuff. What percentage of the people who illegally download your stuff will actually read it? And of THOSE people what percentage of them will actually take action.

    Very few probably.

    I've had stuff pirated so I'm not talking theoretically - if more than 10% of the people who download illegal stuff actually look at it I'd be surprised. Not worth worrying about - as Sean said, focus on the people who are either already customers/clients or the people who will be.
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    Stop thinking about your digital product(s) being shared.

    It doesn't cost you a dime if it is being shared, so don't waste your energy there. Think of it as "free promotion".

    It is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to stop people from sharing digital products because it's so easy to share.

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