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I've bought a new domain, which someone off this forum recommended me to buy and said he would insist me getting it on the road. However, he is now busy and I'm stuck not knowing what to do. I was going to pay him, he'd set up the web page, add content and backlink it for me, getting it ranked in Google.

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It's for an upcoming WOW game. (I don't play WOW and have no interest in the game). Time is ticking, I need to get this up and running and ranked before it's released.

I've tried my hand at article writing which I'm not good at nevermind adding content to my page i.e. sales page. Is that all I need, a sales page?

If anyone can advise me on what to do in simple basic instructions sort of speak then I'd appreciate it.

Btw, I have about $20 to implement into this, for someone to help me. So if I'm going to outsource whether it's content or SEO, I'll have to choose carefully. I know it's not much, but that's all I have to my name.
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    Pm me and tell me what kind of help your be needing, i can show you how to get links etc, set up a few other things for free, only thing your need is to pay for you content to be outsourced, but i can tell you where you can get the content done for cheap

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    Visit Steven shillingford

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    Cheers Steve, I'll send you a PM now.

    Edit - I can't send PM's yet. Do you have messenger?

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    I'm just wondering how you started what you don't have any clue about and even passion to pursue. I hope you will get the help you need.

    Good luck.
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    Hey can I work for you? I am a specialized SEO article writer and also know how to deal with WP sites.

    PM me the details, if you need help.

    ~Best Wishes
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    @ fazerlocks - I'm unable to PM. Do you have messenger?

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    I just thought I'd bump this. I really do need some help. :/

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