Little Viral Facebook Trick - YOU Can Use!

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I have been testing this simple idea in a music niche I am in and it is working like very well for me.

So here we go - How to get a little viral leverage on Facebook

a) Create a video with an offer on such as a free Report upload to Facebook.

b) Include in your video description (also as text on the slides on the video) that to get a free version of the offer people must do 2 things.

1 – Share the video on their page by clicking the share video button.
2 – Then leave a comment saying that they have done this.

Tell them that once you check their profile page and see the video is up on there you will send a link to your download in their inbox (I use mediafire for this).

Net result you get a steady stream of visitors to your video and new friend requests.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to include to include a link to one of your opt in pages in the download.

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