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i have been able to get some themes for wordpress and put them up on my site, but there are some themes that i put in through to my themes folder through ftp but they arent showing in my design tab in wordpress, any idea why this is happening?

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    Sometimes they are within another folder of the same name and it's not immediately obvious, so that the path ends up being wrong. Check that you've uploaded themename/themefiles and not themename/themename/themefiles.

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    Hi Lazavas,

    This has happened to me a lot. Usually it's because the theme has been packaged in a directory structure such that the folder holding the theme files is two or three directories down.

    Go into an explorer window (or the mac equivalent) and descend down through the directory structure until you see the actual php files. Then you'll know that it's THAT folder that has to be uploaded into your themes directory on your server.

    Hope this helps,

    Kat Bartone

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    This can sometimes happen like the girls here have explained. I havent had this problem much recently at all though. I use the one click updater and it installs the themes with no problems for me.

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    ok thanks people, will check it out, doing a virus scan at the moment, think i may have a virus, cheers
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