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How to choos the domain name for the compitative keywords ?
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    Make sure your keywords are in the domain name.

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      Originally Posted by AFI View Post

      Make sure your keywords are in the domain name.
      I am madly, deeply in love with this comment LoL.

      Ok, so, domain name...
      Yep, make sure keywords in domain name. I wrote something much longer, but commonly, the competitive keywords are likely taken in a single-word variant. So, you want to find variants on this instead of paying's owner thousands of bucks.

      So, adjectives or common nouns that are commonly searched alongside the keyword are a good start to finding alternatives. (best, better, find, review, search)

      Adding a "stop" word (the, a, and (etc))

      Combining the above 2 strategies can be mildly effective when absolutely required.

      For a 2-word phrase
      (, or is typically preferred.

      if not:
      hyphens are good alternative or

      if not, then:
      using/spinning above variations (adjectives/verbs/"stop" words)

      if not, then:
      combine hyphens WITH these methods.

      Worst case scenario with this or a similar strategy would result in something like: (,, etc) which IMO atleast reads better than (OMG I've seen some WINNERS LOL!!!)

      And if none of the above seem to cut it for you:
      pay's owner thousands of bucks or come up with a different niche.

      Good luck.
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    Yes, for some reason Goog give ways too much credit to domains with the keywords in them. I mean, that's a good things for the registrars, right?

    So, yeah, I agree... for your main site subject... use your keywords in the domain. The way I see it, if it MIGHT give you an advantage why not use it?
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