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As you know, those of you who submit articles to Ezine Articles, you only
get so many characters to designate keywords for your articles. This makes
keyword choice even more critical.

So what's your plan of attack?

Do you use the keywords that get the most number of daily searches, hoping
for immediate views from people going directly to the directory, or do you use
long tail keywords in the hopes that over time, you'll rank high in the search

Personally, I'm a bird in the hand guy and use the keywords that give me the
most bang for my buck right away, even if it means that my articles are
nowhere to be seen down the road. So far, this method has worked very well
for me.

Curious as to how other article marketers go about this.
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    I spend about 80% of my time on the "more bang for your buck" keywords, too. But every 5th article or so I'll do on a longtail. I think if you write articles for submission regularly, it's good to do both at about an 80/20 split. You get the immediate traffic for the more popular terms and build something more residual with the longtails. I also add one more little trick probably about every 10th article, but that one's just for me to know. (hee hee!)

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      Originally Posted by JJ Manning View Post

      A mixture of the two.

      I target 'buying' keywords that have a small to decent amount of traffic with limited competition. I measure the competition by the number of competing sites and the strength of the sites og Gs front page.

      I find choosing keywords this way gives me the biggest bang for my buck becasue its generally easy to rank well and a person using 'buying' search term is more likely ready to spend money.

      To your success.


      What are the "buying" keywords you're referring to?

      I have an idea of what you're talking about but was wondering if you could be more specific?


      Ok, sure. You can follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/Chris_Hunter ;)

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        Buying keywords are those where the visitor is much more in the "buying" mindset. So rather then "dog training guide", you look at "buy dog training guide", "dog training guide review", etc.


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