What is the best time to end an Bay auction?

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For those who have sold alot on eBay what time is it best to end an auction?

Also is there a day that has stood out as better than others for you?


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    It depends on what you are selling and who you are selling to.

    I used to like Sundays at supper time.
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    With the sniping programs and the abi;ity to access the web on your phone, I don't know if there really is a 'best time'.
    I have read that between 7-10pm eastern time is the best, and I have most of my auctions close in the 5-8 eastern time range, mostly because I'm on dialup and somedays I start a listing at 10am and I don't get it active until 2pm because ebay keeps freezing up on my computer. As far as days, I read Sunday eve was the best, then I read Saturday evening, then it was Tues, then Wed. So, who knows!
    I do almost all 5 day auctions because 1. I need the funds NOW and 2. it seemed to me that anybody that was looking at my auction had by 5 days.
    Hope any of this helps you.
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    from what i have heard its best to end it on a Sunday night, apparently thats when people are looking for a bargain before the start of a busy week of work
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      In the past, I would look at the trends offered by some of the different services online. One is Terapeak. I can't remember the name of the other because it has been some time since I did any eBay marketing.

      A couple of the sites will offer abbreviated information for free. I just wrote a short macro in Excel that took the data that I scraped from the sold pages and calculated some of the statistics like best sales day (based on the number of sales), average sales price for each day, best time of day (again based on the number of sales by hour). It can be time consuming to do it by hand. Excel can whack it out quickly, if you know VBA.

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    I'd say end it sometime between Monday and Sunday

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    yes, it was quoted as Sunday around 10pm-12AM EST being the best time. This way they figured would cover the evening for all time zones the best. I used to have pretty good success when I followed that rule. I haven't sold on ebay in about a year though, so things may have changed. It also depends on if you are having a 7 day, 10 day, 3 day or 1 day auction. Depending on what you are selling there are best choices for each.
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    My best experience has been on Sunday evening, 10:00 PM EST.

    Folks are at home more during the evening, and on the weekend. 10 PM EST still allows folks on the east coast to be awake, and west cost are usually home, having just finished dinner...checkin' out the internet.

    Alot of people will start a 10 day auction of Friday, to get 2 weekends in for the money.

    You'll have to test...then come back and tell us what you find.

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    there have been several studies on this. best times are 4-5pm eastern time. (east coast leaving work, west coast getting back from lunch)
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      Depends on your niche, for kids games and toys I've heard that Saturday morning is good, but for most people it'll be prime time (7pm-10pm) East coast time Sunday evening if you're only selling a few items. I've seen PowerSellers selling during off hours just to get away from the crowd, but they have big inventories.

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    I've also been informed Sunday evenings are best... bear in mind also if you are doing worldwide auctions or those with a niche audience in a certain country, to try to catch international bidders while they are still awake.

    Of late I tend to do "buy now only" on a lot of things. I have found it leads to a higher number of items actually sold. People see it is buy now only and they have to make up their mind whether they want it because they know that if they don't someone else might. This often incentivizes them to hit the button right then and there. Plus you get to set the sale price. Worth a try.

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    Originally Posted by AaronJones View Post

    For those who have sold alot on eBay what time is it best to end an auction?

    Also is there a day that has stood out as better than others for you?


    Each product has its own market and the ending of auction can vary from products to markets, majority of folks that go to church on sundays will not be able to be there if your auction ends during those hours.

    Some have had great success ending their auction at 4 pm pacific 7pm eastern, again it really depends on your market and your product. If you have a product that is for anoher country you have to understand their tme zones and end your auction based on that.

    Mondays are not the best days to end auctions, neither are fridays, tuesdays are good and saturdays are also good days.

    Hope this helps

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    I've had same results for ending on Saturday or Sunday eve - 9 pm est.

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