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today i FINALLY got my facebook ad live, and i noticed i was getting clicks according to my facebook advertising stats (only like 10) and no clicks in my affiliate tracking. So i checked my link and when i clicked on it heres what i got...

The link you are trying to visit has been reported as abusive by Facebook users. To learn more about staying safe on the internet, visit our Security Page. You can also check out the malware and phishing Wikipedia articles.

what the...? reallly?! 9 clicks and my ad was closed for reports on abuse when the offer is pretty legit. what can i do? im newer to fb ads....is it only facebook pages that you can promote safely?
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    Get in touch with facebook and ask them

    Eddieheli -
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    that doesnt really help me...it was a cpa ad, has anyone had this problem
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    I've advertised websites via facebook with no problem. Never a CPA ad though so that might be the trouble. Have you tried clicking through and checking for popups and the like?
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    It's also possible that you may have been the victim of a competitor.
    Stranger things have happened.
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      It depends on what kind of CPA ad it was. Facebook, like google, does not seem to like certain niches. What niche was it in?
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    I never had this problem, but I would try making some small changes to the ad and publishing it again; Good luck!

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    There is a great chance that your ad has been sabotage by other competitors. However, you cannot deny the fact that Facebook is also invaded infested by malware that’s why some profile can post videos and other status updates without the knowledge of the account owner. Malware may have invaded your system and your ad that results and relate it to a malware invasion.

    I agree in calling Facebook just to clarify this issue.

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      Contact affiliates@facebook.com and see if they can help you.

      If youre promoting anything with a rebill or your ad was offensive to some people be glad you just got a warning and not banned.

      - Justin
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