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If I have multiple backlinks or postings on just one single website and each posting or backlink links back to my own website will that be seen by the search engines as multiple links (like each link is regarded as a separate link from a separate website) or will it just be seen as one link as they are links from just one single website?

Many thanks.

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    I don't know that anyone can answer with 100% certainty. I try to split links to two different domains when I am allowed two links, or alternative, link direct to 1 page (deep link) as well as the primary domain, using appropriate anchor text. I can't speak to whether both links are "counted". In any case, multiple links to the exact same PAGE are unlikely to help, but I don't see why 1 to primary domain, 1 to a secondary page would hurt (they're ultimately different URL's, even though domain is same). Bound to be plenty of opinions on this, I'm of the mind to link what's relevant, don't over-do it.
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