A little help with Pay Pal and download links please

by jhldsc
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I'm just getting started and trying to figure a few things out if you guys with all of your great expertise and experience don't mind helping me out.

1. I have an e-book I created and it is stored at mywebsitesalespage-com/download. I was also told it should be in my public_html folder instead. Which is correct for download products that you sell or does it matter?

2. Also, what is the procedure that should be used for paypal to link back a download product? I know how to paste the code for the paypal button into my sales page, but once someone buys the product I don't know how to get them to a download link and also how to keep it secure.
Can you tell me about the methods you use and what needs to be done? I would appreciate it GREATLY!
3. What about Pay Pal Integration and Download Manager software? I've ran across a couple that claim to keep download links secure and integrate easily with PayPal. Is that a good way do do it?

Jay S.
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