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Hi, can anyone please explain me one thing?

I read in several places, that it is a MUST to not register your domain through your hosting company, but through another registrar company.

Example: mydomain . com registered at namecheap and then hosted on hostgator for expamle.

What are the reasons for doing so? Could anyone please explain? I have to transfer the domain anyways to my hosting company.

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    Not so much a case of Must not, but more of shouldn't.

    The reason being is that many host companies are just resellers for other registrars. You are not actually registering through an authorised registrar, but an on-seller. In some cases you can actually get a cheaper domain directly from a registrar.

    Another problem is that some people have found that using Godaddy who are not a registrar, can lock up your account and make life difficult for you if you break one of their hosting rules. If you have the hosting and domain from separate sources, you would have to do something really drastic to have your domain name locked by a registrar.


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      thanks Alex,

      I was thinking on shut-down issues too somehow, but was not sure, if there were another reasons. The economic reason did not convince me
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          Plus beware of hosts that offer free domain names when you sign up...
          I use 1and1 for hosting...but any domains that were free with the hosting package I consider throw away. Because they are considered part of the hosting package so when you cancel with them you are basically saying...keep my domain names too.

          Everything I register I register with enom...just because they leave me alone...I don't get phone calls from them...I don't get spammed emails with offers lol...
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          Yep, gota go with Big Mike on this one.

          It's just good business practice to buy your domains one
          place and host them in another.

          My favorites are NameCheap & HostingZoom.

          There a many around and just as many opinions of which
          ones are the best. Starting out just go with two reliable
          services and over time you will find out why or why not
          you like them.

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            It is easier to manage your own domains through someone like goDaddy or some other registrar.
            But, Like above notes most host companies use domain name resellers through companies like I use enom or Wild West Domains. Usually, by doing this you do not get as good of a deal as you would through someone direct. Whether it be hosting or domains the suppliers will always come out as the better deal.
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              the more I read through your answers, the more silly I may look for not seeing the obvious

              It should be common sense for anyone having a business *ashamed*

              Hope some new people read this post and make their conlcusions as well.

              Originally Posted by pjs View Post

              Not true. You just have to set your name servers to your hosting companies name servers. I use godaddy to manage all my domains, even when I was using shared hosting companies.
              You are right jps. The only thing you lose is services like pop3 emails and all that crap that is being used by your hosting company anyways.

              Thanks to all for your answers,
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                Incidentally, a member is experiencing the worst case scenario when it comes
                to registering their domain names through a hosting provider-reseller for their
                registrar partner:


                OTOH, Big Mike also detailed another worst case scenario when dealing with a
                registrar. You really never know until you somehow find out more.

                Generally speaking, though, try to keep your domain name with a registrar like
                Go Daddy, NameCheap, or whoever, and your website hosting with your host
                like Hostgator, Pair, or whoever. You can "safely" put both with the same one
                if you trust them well enough to meet your needs.

                Otherwise, just keep them separate. It might turn out easier in the long run.


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    One reason is that you can find more value from hosting services such as
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    Originally Posted by MoaddinFM View Post

    I have to transfer the domain anyways to my hosting company.
    Not true. You just have to set your name servers to your hosting companies name servers. I use godaddy to manage all my domains, even when I was using shared hosting companies.
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