What's the point of submitting articles with NoFollow links

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I was reading the Author Guildelines for articlesbase.com. It says all anchor text links have NoFollow tags.

It's my understanding that nofollow tags tell the search engines not to pay attention to where the link is going - not to give it any Google juice.

If this is correct, why do we submit to these directories?
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    Hi Lynne,

    I checked ArticlesBase - they use the "no-follow" attribute pretty liberally, but I found lots of articles (including newly submitted articles from just a few minutes ago) whose author bio links are "Do-follow", particularly those that don't use anchor text. They have automatically turned any links WITHIN the article to "no-follow."

    You are right that "no-follow" ruins any link juice possibilities with Google. Two reasons I can think of to submit articles there:

    1. They provide traffic to your site directly, due to their search engine ranking. I don't know how much, if any, traffic they might provide.

    2. Yahoo and MSN don't honor the "no-follow" attribute, so you will still gain favor with those search engines. Together they DO account for around 30% of searches, according to various studies.

    Otherwise - skip them and use another site?

    Best Regards, Georgetta
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