Best time of year to launch a product?

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Is there such a thing as the best time of year to launch a product, i have a internet marketing product i would like to launch but i am rushing to finish it by December. ( its not a festive or seasonal product) So it is not essential to stick to a launch date yet....

But is there a busy time of year? A time of year where people go crazy on the internet or a quiet time for information products? :confused:
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    Best time to launch your product is December and january. because this time Income grows internet marketers. As i have seen in past 4 years in internet industry.
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    I haven't noticed a vast difference in launch numbers and I have released products in several different months over the years. It definitely depends on your niche though, obviously. The one dip I have seen in my launch sales numbers was in January and I'm speculating it is because people have spent their money over the holidays and don't have as much disposable income. How aggressive your promotion is and whether or not you have a list is also huge in determining the success of your launch regardless of what time of year.
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    It just depends on the nature of your product. If your product is highly needed year round then, there's nor reason for you to think about what time of the year it should be launched. But, generally, it is much recommended to launch it before the holiday season. People tend not to bother too much on spending on this time of the year.
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    • thanks guys, maybe i will hold off on the launch a bit longer!
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    It depends on the product. Some products sell better on december.
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    Originally Posted by alexio View Post

    Is there such a thing as the best time of year to launch a product, :confused:
    Remember; 'who, what, where & when'? As stated in some of the posts. It depends on what your product is, who is going to benefit from it, where will they use it = when. Good luck.
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  • I don't think it makes a HUGE difference.

    I have launched all through the year and to be honest each launch I do get's bigger each time so I think it's more of a name and repuation building thing. The more launches you do the more well known you become and therefor the more sales you make.

    I don't think it would make a huge difference to guys like Frank Kern what month they launched.

    With that said I have had very big launches in December and January perhaps because everyone is in a good mood in December because the year is winding down and then everyone is excited and recharged in January.

    My two cents anyway
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    It completely depends on the nature of the product, and the market. I wouldn't hold back on a launch because it's the wrong time of year.
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