Newbie Ask: What Is The Effect of Using Main Keyword in Domain To Traffic Generation?

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Greetings to you,
I am new and still struggling to make good money online.
I made the mistake of starting out in a very competitive niche and so I need your help here to not make the same mistake again

I was wondering how powerful is the use of main keyword in domain of an intending blog that I would like to set up in a new niche. The average cpc is $6 and I believe this mean high competition. I was wondering if using the main keyword in my domain would boost my traffic as in seo leveraging.

Though several of the main keyword that I want have been taken, how can I do this?
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    Find a relevant keyword phrase that gets a decent monthly search count (10k+).
    Try to get a .com but if not .net or .org will do.
    The search engines recognize your site to be highly relevant to the users search if the exact keyword is in your domain name and will give you better rankings.


    Use a subdomain to get away with having a high traffic keyword in your url.
    The subdomain folder gets placed over your root domain, ie.
    // ;-)
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    Keyword in domian name is very powerfull for SEO. I always have keyword in domain name, it's a must.

    You don't need the domain name to have exact match keyword in it ( although it's best ) you can do things like the example below if exact match is not avalible.

    As long as you at least have the keyword in there, it will greatly help with SEO

    We are the universe contemplating itself - Carl Sagan

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    Thanks for the reply. I just want to make it online as a good Nigerian. I cant give up not when I am being encourage to keep going.
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    Having your desired keyword in the url is by far the most powerful SEO advantage I have seen in my years of doing this. I know some people will disagree with me but it has proven time and time again to help me rank higher. Domain age is almost as important but not quite. Again, this is just my own personal experience. If you are in a competitive niche and most are taken you can still find some good money keywords using a solid keyword tool that have little to no competition.
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    Hi there, u r so correct that using relevant 'keywords' in your domain is effective especially for a blog-style website. I can get to page 1-2 of Google within a week with this strategy alone :-)

    If your main keywords r taken, try appending ..
    etc... u get the idea

    best of luck

    Cheers, Z'da

    Cheers, Z'da
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    Keywords in domain name definitely helps with rankings, SEO. How much? You would have to ask Google, Yahoo, and Bing but it definitely does play a factor.

    Keywords in your meta tags also make a big difference keep that in mind. Also optimize your websites content for the search engines by building quality backlinks with anchor text, and the more content you have the better.

    Good luck!

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    it will definitely make you SEO life easier

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    It will help, however there is more, a lot more.

    - link building
    - SEO Optimized
    - keywords in title, H1 tags, descriptions etc...
    - content, lots of value
    and so on

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    Content is king yes, but you need to understand how both your audience and the search engines are cataloging your content.

    Make sure you titles and content are properly SEO'd, and make sure your keyword research is on par.
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    Having your main keyword in the domain has tremendous impact on your rankings.. In fact 2 months back I registered a productnamereview (.com) for a new launched clickbank product and my site got to the first page with just 2 posts for the keyword productname review.

    Always go for .com if possible and if not then choose .org or .net. Even if the main keyword is not available you can try for domain names that have your main keyword in the beginning.


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