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Does anyone know of any good Spanish writers and their going rates? I looked into translation services and they were understandably pricey, so I figured I would just have someone write for me in Spanish as opposed to translating the idea.

I'm hoping to hear from people who have had experience with writers who can write in Spanish.

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    Me too! I have the same questions.

    I have considered taking my material, running it through google translate, and then paying someone to fix the grammar.

    Keep in mind that spanish varies from one place to another. Spain, Mexico, and Argentina each are kind their own thing, with the rest of the Americas being very similar.

    My interest is in the health and fitness niche and "nalgas"(butt) in the Americas works, in Spain they say "culo" to mean the same thing, but that is not a acceptable word in the Americas.
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      I'm bilingual and speak/write/read Spanish. I've never offered translation services because I value my time at a minimum of $20 USD/hr. Let me know how much you're willing to pay and I could consider it.
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        Hi, I'm a qualified spanish translator and writer and I can help you...

        yes translation services from agencies are expensive...I have worked for some of them...of course would be cheaper if you contact a writer or translator directly...just pm me with what you're willing to pay and I can help you...If the topic is interesting for me price I charge is very low...I love writing and translating...
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      Originally Posted by nucleus View Post

      Me too! I have the same questions.

      My interest is in the health and fitness niche
      Me three!

      My interest is in the business opportunities (make money type stuff) niche.
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    I've had great experiences with the warrior named Sole.

    Her translation thread is here http://www.warriorforum.com/warriors...te-buyers.html but I'm sure you could work out something for writing.
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    haha, yes, "culo" is the slang term for butt, some consider it offensive. But there are many people who translate, I used to translate a magazine article for a company on a weekly basis. These translation services are expensive because they do expose you to a whole new market, and spanish people.... are buyers!
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      i write in spanish, german and english and i can also make translations from english to german and spanish, since i'm a native speaker of both!

      i know it sounds odd to have two native languages, but my parents are german and we always talked german at home, and i was born and grew up in colombia, south america, were i learnt to speak spanish with our maids at home and people outside!

      i would highly recommend NOT to use automatic online translators, they are good if you know both languages very well and thus are capable of catching the huge errors they often make. if you are not proficient in one of the languages you are translating automatically, you will surely incorporate big mistakes into your content!

      colombia is known in latin america for having a mostly neutral language, meaning that it can almost always be understood in the entire region.

      you can contact me through the first link in my signature or send me a pm.

      happy halloween!
      Failing forward fast
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      Originally Posted by Magdalena Balibrea View Post

      I am a professional writer and translator. I have experience translating and writing articles and internet marketing products. For ClickBank style ebooks my standard price is just $5 per page.
      Please check my sig for more info or PM me.
      I might be interested...
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    For the most affordable prices in the warrior forum and the fastest turn around for translation/Spanish article services PM me for details. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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    hey guys...don't you think this discussion should be moved on the "Warrior for Hire" section.....?
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