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I've not been able to log into Paypal all day. UGH! Anyone else having this problem??
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    works for me fine today ....
    try clearing your cookies?

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      Originally Posted by Maria Gudelis View Post

      works for me fine today ....
      try clearing your cookies?
      Yeah I've cleared cookies, cache, rebooted - not working. I'm on the phone with them (or at least their voice attendant), hopefully this thing will work soon.
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        YES - I've had some clients not be able to pay by Paypal today. I can login fine, but if I try to buy from my sales page, I get a weird error message or it times out.
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    There are issues. I do some customer support, and all day I've been getting "Sorry -- your last action could not be completed"... after it takes me halfway through a process.

    It's a giant pain.

    Jan Weingarten
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    I logged into Paypal today and got the same message:

    "Your last action could not be completed".

    I thought maybe I had logged onto a phishing site..but it was Paypal.

    I logged out and logged back in with no problems.

    I was able to transfer money from my Paypal account to my personal bank account with no problems...
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    Me too. It's been at least for the past couple of hours.


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    Since Saturday we've had a marked increase in sales that we've had to complete manually because the customer didn't make it back to our "thank you" system after payment. It's not a problem for us because we're on the case.

    Worth watching though.



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    i got the error page a few times when trying to pay someone, but when i logged out and came back since then everythings' been fine. hopefully its no big deal.

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