New To Internet Marketing....Need Help!

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Hi Folks, just came across this website.....WOW....what alot of info....I'm

luvin it! Anyway here is my situation...had a franchise business from 2005-

2008...had to close due to lack of financing....the company did some

internet marketing...but mostly print. After the business closed I went

back to work....ARRRGH! Well I got laid of April 30 2010. Since then I...IN

BETWEEN MY BOUTS OF DEPRESSION...have been reading everything that

I can find on IM. I recently signed up for Clickbank and

Freesitesignup....still doing the training videos for Freesitesignup...

Anyhow....I am need of some guidance, I would like to know how I can

best optimize CB? I do not have a website or Blog. Is anyone also using

Freesitesignup? Sorry for the long post.

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    I haven't heard of Freesitesignup, so no I do not use it. There isn't really a simple answer for optimizing ClickBank.
    If I had to say where to start, it would be:
    1) Brainstorm some subjects that you are interested in.
    2) Create a blog that is related to the subject/niche you are interested in. WordPress is a great script to use for a blog.
    3) Search clickbank for some products that fit your niche.
    4) Promote those products on your blog.
    5) Drive traffic to your blog. Some of the free methods for traffic are: SEO, Article writing, Forum posts, email, link trading...
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    Get a blog and an autoresponder build a list and market to the list.
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      Yeah, Thomas is preachin' the word to ya man. He's right on target. Get that blog setup and build your list with Aweber.

      Another great strategy to focus on is SEO, (search engine optimization) organic traffic is free traffic. Getting ranked at the top of a search engine like the big G is a great way to get long term traffic flow. And guess what, Wordpress blogs rank REALLY well. my brotha,
      Three (3) Income Streams DFY
      New FREE Website Builds Your List
      And Earns From 3 Income Streams
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    shoot me your instant messenger name..ill help you out...
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    You can use if you are not able to grab a domain and some hosting - but honestly if you want a business to work over the longer term then get yourself set up with the hosting and domain (cost you under $20 easily; under $10 if you buy a dot info and get hatchling hosting from Hostgator) - then set up wordpress (through Fantastico) and then as has already been said, write blog posts and start using free traffic methods to get people to read your blog, which will also be promoting your affiliate products from Clickbank.

    Have a great day
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      WOW.....are you serious!!..I just posted guys are quick. I did

      not expect to hear or read anything until like late tomorrow. WELL....thank

      you sooo much....another question...sorry....can I just create a hoplink

      with a product from CB and then on Google Adwords do a placement on a

      website? Geez....I hope it's not a stupid question. Thanks again.....

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    I have some free tutorials if you want to learn more on setting up an Amazon franchise online.

    See my sig

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      - - - You've come to the right place.

      This forum is a wealth of knowledge from folks that have been right
      where you are.

      I've been there too...quite recently!

      This business is simple, but not need to work at it, but it's worth it.

      Weed through all the BS, and try to stay organized!
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    Quentin how is the amazon franchising do you use them?
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