Main keyword in Domain Taking, Adding words like hub,e,the,shop e.t.c is it also effect for SEO?

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Greetings to you and thank you for time to respond/comment.

I am still struggling to make money online and my first venture was a huge mistake due competition.

So I decided to do another research to promote a physical product from amazon and I found something that looked promising. The adsense cpc is $6.

Due to my first mistake and because I will be doing this with amazon and adsense, i chose to put the main keyword in my domain in order to reduce work on traffic but they have been taken. Is adding other words like e,hub,shop as effective as only the main keyword? what if I use hyphen if the main keyword is taken.

Please I need your views on this. I will be like to add that I am doing this as a newbie site flipper.

Thank you for your anticipated response
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