Problem with Search Function at WF...!!!

by jamx03
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I was trying to find all posts and thread written by me so I can follow up. Now I do not have 1000s of posts.

Typically, I click on my name and then click on "statistics" and then "find all post by jamx03" and it would show only 10 searches and if I click "find all threads started by jamx03" then it would not show any.

Is this normal or software glitch.

The same thing happened with search function when I went to advance search mode and chose "search by exact username".

I think there is some problem here. Mods with technical background need to look this up.

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    Only problem is you haven't got it figured out yet. Click on your user name on the left in this thread, for example. You'll get a drop down list of options.

    Click on "user CP" in the red toolbar above and you can go to your profile, click on "statistics" and find your posts and threads.


    EDIT: I can see your posts (13) listed and this one thread - when I go to your profile and click on your posts/threads.

    It's very possible some threads you posted in have been deleted - it happens. It's also possible threads you started were deleted if they were repeats of threads already active here.


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