{GetResponse} Is there a way to make members of my list automatically switch over to another list?

by blackhawkup Banned
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ok, im using getresponse after switching over from aweber.

read this scenario and tell me if this is possible.

lets say i want to send readers to a squeeze page. then give them a free ebook, then once they receive that ebook i would like them to automatically have them switch over to a different list so that i can market to them.

if it's not possbile can you guys tell me how do you deal with marketing to multiple lists.

lets say i have 3 ebooks all internet marketing related but they are enticements on 3 different squeeze pages..each page gets 100 subscribers.....do you market to each of those lists...or do you manually switch them all to one lists so that you can mass market or do you find some other route??
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    If I understand you right, you can always segment your list by having them optin if they are interested in the new content. Then just have the new autoresponder set to remove them from the old list upon subscription.
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      so you mean i have to send an email to my list asking them if they will allow me to switch them to the new list??

      because the basic issue is this..

      if im building a list from multiple sites i dont want to have to market to 8 different lists of people, does that make since??
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    In most email programs it is very easy to send a broadcast email to more than one list at once.
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    NOT A BROADCAST...BUT AN ACTUAL AUTORESPONDER..oops sorry for the capps..

    but i mean can i have them automatically switch over to a certain list in which they will start getting the autoresponder messages from the new list
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    Same thing, you can copy the AR messages to each one of your lists. There is usually just a button or drop down to copy all the messages so that you only have to write them once...
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    sorry I misread your post I thought you were transferring form one service to another. I had a disaster story that cost me my only online income, courtesy of aweber, they don't deserve capitol letters lol.
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