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Hey Warriors,

I just signed up with affsphere and wanted to let you know about it. Affsphere is basically a FREE article directory that lets you place affiliate links in the body and resource box of the article. There are a few other ways to earn from affsphere.

If you want, you can view the post and video on my blog at;

Affsphere- The Affiliate Friendly Article Directory | Niche Free-Free Niche Marketing Ideas, Tips & Resources.

If not, no worries, just type in you browser and fire away.

Let me know what you think and if you will use this free service.

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    The ability to make money really only comes down to how much traffic they'll get. That is likely to be very little (to each individual artile and that's the only place you as an author can make money from of course).

    Then the only other benefit has to be the backlinks like anoy other article directory. But that too is a problem. Until a couple of years ago, your backlink from the same article on multiple directories counted. So the more directories you were on (even with the same article) the better.

    Bear in mind that your link text is the same on all directories and the engines take note of that much more than ever. So they no longer pay attention to the number of sites showing your article but rather to the quality/authority of those "sites". Therefore the value of the backlinks you might get from affsphere is virtually nil.

    That is until they reach the same level of authority as ezine articles, go articles, etc. And that can be a very long time and will only happen if the owners focus on that one line of work and nothing else.

    The multilevel nature of AffSphere will persuade many marketers to go to great lengths to build their downlines and therefore build a nice list for the owners of the site.

    Like all multilevel list building programs, this is great for the person at the top of the pyramid who gets his list built for him ... not so good for everyone who build the list for him (instead of building their own list).

    I have carefully examined such schemes and seen many. Many have good intentions but they all suffer form the above problems. And with most multilevel systems you get bombarded by emails from your upline, though perhaps not with affsphere (I don't know if they allow emailing your downline or not).

    Good luck
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      Jerry,'s all you need to get started then branch out to the other better performng directories out there. Josh Spaulding covers which directories work the best all the time along with Allen Graves. I don't believe they list Affsphere in their current list of preferred directories.

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