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What exactly is outsourcing? I see people saying, I'll outsource this, I'll outsource that..what is it?
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    When the importance of your time spent for a task is greater than the money you would spend getting someone else to do that task for you, you outsource it. Or if you suck at something and still need it done, outsource it.
    Suck at writing articles? Pay someone else to do it.
    Tedious back-link building? Outsource it.
    Want to have cheap technical support? Outsource it
    Support a Warrior, Save Money!
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  • Profile picture of the author Vulk it's just basically finding a freelancer. I see now, FML. I'm such a noob.
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      The term "outsource" started out as industrial jargon, in that certain tasks were more cost effective when hired out to another company rather than completed "in house" for what ever reason. Many major corporations routinely outsource their response management, product technical support, and fulfillment needs. It's only in the online internet marketing world that this term has picked up the connotation that outsourcing is just finding cheap labor. In the offline world, it can mean "get it done more cost effectively" but it can also mean "we need a professional to do this part of our operation to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction".

      Edited to add this: hiring someone as an employee is not outsourcing. Outsourcing occurs when you pay another company or independent contractor to perform services for your business. Hiring an employee to take over unwanted tasks would be considered In House services.

      (Wow, lots of responses in the time I was composing my response. Didn't expect that.) *smile*
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    Outsourcing is simply hiring other people to do the internet marketing
    tasks you don't want to do, have the skills to do, or have the time to do.

    For example, you may outsource tasks such as article writing, web design,
    backlink building, research, etc.

    Outsourcing allows you to scale up the amount of productive work done
    for your business because you're not doing it all yourself.

    To your success,
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    I'm sure there are more formal definitions.

    Having someone else do work for you. Usually on a contract basis. This can be short or long term. Most often you have not physically met the person.

    For instance, I have a part-time Virtual Assistant (VA) from the Philippines. I live in Fort Worth, Texas. One of her duties is to update my AWeber account once a week.

    So, I have outsourced that work.

    Since she lives in the Philippines, I pay her at a rate below what I could get for a US employee.

    In most cases, it's all done over the Internet.

    Hope this helps.

    Joe Mobley

    Check my signature.


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    Yeah I definitely need to outsource articles..writing isn't my forte
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    outsourcing is when you pay somebody to do something that you do not want to do or can't do.
    You pay that person and then they vanish and now you will have something new to complain about on the warrior forum.

    Something new soon.

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    Outsourcing allows you to set up a system and have it work on automation.
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    I think outsourcing is the word used for online business when it entails of hiring other people regardless of any location or country to be you partners to get things done in a particular project. And as your business grows, you cannot do away with it but to look for good people who can join your team.
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    Let me google that for you


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    There are many good posts above that explain about outsourcing already, so I will not give you a definition. But one thing I want to let you know is that outsourcing is not that easy sometimes. Finding a good assistant with reasonable price is easier said than done. I have outsourced many tasks before, and one thing I always remember is to look at their portfolio to check their quality of works (unless you are prepared to give him/her training). But the truth is, most of the you will get what you pay for.
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