Confused Canadian... What is a squeeze page?

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I am trying to create on a few of my pages on my website what I thought was a squeeze page, or a call to action. Basically, I have seen on numerous sites where you hit a page (ONCE) and the page darkens and you are presented with what appears to be a 'soft pop up' giving you the opportunity to register or fill in some info to receive assistance immediately. seem to have exactly what I was looking for so if you search google with that url and add windows 7 or something else to the search string you then visit that site and you get what I thought was a squeeze page.

Now, I may have the terms all mixed up, but if so what are those pages called and what is the difference between the two as far as conversion goes?
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    A Squeeze page is simply a list building tool. Its a single page website that requires someone to input their name and email address into a opt in box so that a marketer can then build relationships / market products to that person.

    How you get people to give you their name and email is by offering them some kind of incentive to do so, typically a free product with good value.

    I don't know what sites you were looking at, but it seems like those were in fact squeeze pages.
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    I have one of those (where the page darkens,etc.) It does work but I'm reconsidering. Mine comes 6 seconds after the page is landed on. It doesn't give them time to consider what's available in my book. see and you'll see what I mean. A squeezepage is used just to give a call to action to collect emails (customer prospects).
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  • Not sure the rules here but if you visit a b t e s t s . C o m and then click a sample and then click one of the sample + you will see the style I mean. Being it is a real estate site it would be a form either for a buyers guide, last months market statistics, free home evaluation etc...
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    That's called a light box.
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  • I am looking for something like this...

    financiallyeliteblog .c o m
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      I see what you mean- quite impressive. There must be a way, but I'm not familiar with it just yet. I'll be interested in knowing that one.
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    Abbotsford Real Estate hit me up on Skype there are a few ways this is being done! Are you looking for a email form to pop up like in the example of the last blog you posted or do you want to display photos or videos?
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