Help : I want to create a video games channels in YouTube

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Dear warrior,
I want to create a video games channels in YouTube. What is the best resource for them?

I see gamespot is good resource. But they have a great channel in youtube.

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    There are tons of different niches with video games.

    Demo a Game
    Unbox a Game
    Review a Game

    Then there are different KINDS of games


    Then there are MMO's
    Free MMO's

    Flash Games

    Games Only on Xbox Live or PSN

    Documentaries about the companies that develop games

    This list goes on and on.

    It's a matter of knowing which area of gaming you want to cover.
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    You said they have good video channel? Make sure to keep up with them. Study how they create their videos and make yours more interesting than the usual to gain more clients and income. But not to totally imitate what they do to avoid problems.
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      You might thinking about going after a specific category of game within the niche:

      driving games
      first person shooter

      You could drill down even further focusing on specific type of game within a category such as football games.

      Or you could develop guides----->Madden Books
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    Until you have a massive subscriber list etc. I strongly recommend staying away from Gamefly etc.

    Your core audience is 13 - 17 and don't have a credit card to buy a subscription, or even buy a game.

    They have to convince their parents... and their parents aren't going to follow a link and buy from a person they don't know affiliate or otherwise.

    I have been toying with this for years. It's the main reason why I am so obsessed with video in the first place.
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