How To Make Smartphone-friendly Webpages?

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Sometimes I advertize on mobile ad networks and I was wondering if anyone has some good pointers on how to make webpages that are optimized for or highly compatible with smartphones?

Does it have to do with pixels and width, images (loading time), short and concise content...?

What kind of things do I need to take into account?

And is there a WP theme or something to create them?
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    For WP : install "WordPress Mobile Edition" plugin, it's a 2 minute mobile optimized theme
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    try very simple.

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    Arun of ebizindia does mobile website designing - and has some impressive samples on his site at Mobile Websites & Apps Design | Webile

    All success
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    Does it have to do with pixels and width, images (loading time), short and concise content...?
    Here is the simple answer...

    A website that is around 340px width, light on graphics and avoids flash is a mobile friendly website.

    Aside from those specs, you need a design and layout that is accessible for users with small screens and no mouse.

    That pretty much sums it up.

    Smartphones and their browsers aren't too far behind what you get on your computer.

    I'm all about that bass.

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    Thanks guys, these tips will definitely help me!
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  • I personally hate when I see (10k/540k) on my upload bar on my phone. Just means it's gonna take a lot longer to upload the website. If I don't feel like waiting (and who does?) I'll just go back to google and pick another site.
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      http://jquerymobile will be released early 2011 and will provide a platform for designing mobile web pages.

      I've been working on a mobile squeeze page generator based on jquerymobile that incorporates Aweber/GetResponse with Youtube videos.

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