Do you know... Who designs THESE websites??

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First, I want to give a BIG "Thank You" to Josh Anderson for helping me find a flash video producer online. We've hired him - and looking forward to working with him closely. (Thanks, Josh!)

Now that I've found the video producer I've been searching years for, maybe some Warrior can help me find the website designer I've been searching for, too.

Here's the type of design I'm looking for. I know lots of "good designers" who could come close - but we're looking for people who already produce this type of work naturally. I'm looking for people with sites like this already in their portfolios.


Discover Mangosteen

Discover Mangosteen

XanGo, premium mangosteen products XanGo Juice, XanGo 3SIXTY5 and Glimpse Skin Care | XanGo

Any suggestions on Companies?



P.S. We're not looking to knockoff this company - we just think that some of the website design based AROUND this company is better than most. I think because this company is seen as a new, young, hip company - their site design tries to emulate the company feel.

P.P.S. Oh yeah... and you'll notice this is NOT an ad. All sites are demos or the company site. I'm not pitching the "Magic Juice". I just want to hire their site designer. :0)
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