Creating My First Membership Site. Help Needed!!!

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Hi all,

I'm in the midst of creating my first membership product that will be sold on Clickbank for a one time payment.

Creating the sales page is fine. But its the creation of the member's area that's posing a bit of a problem.

I intend to use either Amember or EasyMemberPro as the membership login script.

But the question is, is there any form of website template that I can use for the member's area site or do I need to create it from scratch or what?

Any feasible suggestions are welcome!

Mister Bryan
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    There's a thread currently right above yours that provides some good tips.

    Need a Simple Product/Service to Market to Offline Clients? Sell Them DFY Custom Videos.

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    As far as Easy Member Pro there are templates already incorporated in the program that you just put your content on. I would imagine that amember would be the same way.

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      Have you looked at wordpress plugins?

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        Originally Posted by hometutor View Post

        Have you looked at wordpress plugins?

        I am actually considering having a custom wordpress blog made as the members area. However I have some concerns regarding this.

        1) What if my blog shows up in the search engines? Visitors will be able to visit the main blog site and see the content

        2) Which wordpress membership plugin is the best/cheapest? i don't need multiple levels of memberships

        3) How secure is it and can I integrate it with Aweber? Also, how do I manage my members? Is there a back end or something?

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    I've just been through three membership softwares, each for various reasons were not a good fit. One thing I've found during this struggle is that a lot of the membership software is poorly explained, or poorly presented or poorly supported. I think the issue is that the program designers are not teachers so their support info can be very poor and in some cases non existent.
    The one I like the look of so far that I'm about to try is wishlist, they seem to have good video tutorials and a 30 money back, unlike the last one I tried that was far off what I wanted and refused to refund the money, all from poor explanations of what they do and are for. I'm building a WP site, and didn't want one that let members roam around the admin area to get to the posts, crazy!

    Something you don't get told is that membership software's can be for quite different uses, but no one explains it that way when you're hunting around. I just want a simple site where people log in and simply see two restricted pages, with ability to group different arriving members, you'd think that would be easy enough, not so far for me its been a hard process.
    I hope that helps somewhat.
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    FYI, its a few days after my last post and I'm way into using Wishlist for my wordpress membership site. I just wanted to add here that I'm finding it outstanding in that it suits my skill level, which is a bit average. There's 4 walk through pdfs, several videos that do the same, and a long string of videos for various tasks. I don't feel starved for instruction which was probably my largest obstacle with previous programs. I haven't listed the others as I'm sure they are good and worthy and many people are using them successfully, I just needed a match to my skills and Wishlist seems to fit very well. It also matches the style of wordpress very well and looks to be a seamless integration.
    All the best BR88
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    Have you try membersgear? It's free and the features can compete with paid membership script:

    I'm in the process of building my membership site with it.
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      Hi fullmatrix

      How are you finding membersgear?

      Do you know if it can be used to drip-feed content to members? I can't see any mention of this on their sales page.

      I know its free and I could just try it but I don't want to spend time learning how to use it if it doesn't drip-feed content.

      Any feedback would be greatly received.

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