Anyone know of a Book preview script like on Amazon?

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Hey gang,

I know this is out there but cannot find it!

What I'm looking for is a script that will enable me to display the cover and some preview pages of e-book materials like you see on, on my own site.

I don't want to pull in previews from but rather want to mimic their methodology.

Anyone know of such a script?

Many thanks my fellow Warriors (there is beer in it for whoever supplies the best answer).

Onward & Upward!

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    I'd put it out to bid on elance or rentacoder. I'd imagine it wouldn't cost more than a couple of hundred bucks - if that - to have it written.

    Good luck!

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      Hi Frank,

      That is my next step. I agree I should be able to have one created pretty quickly and without costing much.

      What's killing me is I know I've seen this exact script somewhere and can't find it again.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

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