How would you rank these opt-in strategies?

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Hi, warriors.

How would you rank these opt-in strategies as best for conversions? 1 = best and 3 = worst.

A. Create free report (or any type of free gift). Provide squeeze page showing ebook cover graphic of report. Tell visitor he gets the free gift if he enters his details. The typical strategy.

B. Provide squeeze page announcing some cool benefit if the person opts-in, e.g. "learn how you can get traffic in literally 60 seconds". Visitor opts-in. He lands on a salespage promoting product about said benefit. Visitor may or may not purchase product. But at least, he's in your list.

C. Visitor comes to a salespage. Makes a purchase. He's lands on an opt-in page. He needs to opt-in to get the product he paid for.

I've seen all these methods, and I was wondering in your expert opinion how you would rank these for sales conversion effectiveness.

If you've got another tactic that works, please share. Thanks.
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    A. 1

    Will benefit you in the long run with already qualified buyers.

    B. 2

    Good but some might feel pressure to buy your product and not feel comfortable at that very moment.

    C. 3

    Works if you have great copy IMO.
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    To get the most subscribers I think your best bet is still #1. Take good care of your list members. They are your bread and butter.
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    I've had the most success with option A because nothing makes people scramble to an offer quick than "free". The other two have their place but the downside is you get more unhappy people because they think things like "I already bought the product, why do I have to opt in to your list now?" or they feel fooled if they opt in and then realize its a paid product on the other side.

    I use option A all the time and sometimes option C but I almost always makes the opt in optional. You would think after they purchased that not many people would willingly opt in but I have noticed if you delivered a good product they almost always go back and do so.
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      Thank you, warriors, for your feedback. This is really helpful.
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