Can we Put same article with same pen name in every article directory? Buzzle also included ?

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Simple question: Can we put same article in every article directory? buzzle, hubpages, squidoo, associated content also included.

I don't want to get ban... because I am feeling that there can be a clash between buzzle, ezinearticles and hubpages...
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    As far as I'm aware you need to suibmit to Ezine Articles First, once it's approved you can submit to the rest.

    Hope this helps.
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      Hobbit is right for every other directory apart from Buzzle who I believe will only take unique articles i.e. they cant be posted elsewhere. Although after they are approved I am sure you could post them elsewhere but I dont know for certain as dont use Buzzle.

      Ezine articles will take them if posted elsewhere but to be safe it is best to get them approved there first.
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    Buzzle will only accept original content, the same goes for EzineArticles as well. If you have your own site you can paste your content to your own site first and THEN to EzineArticles but make sure the author is the same. Several of the other article directories, ArticleDashboard, GoArticles, ArticleCube, and hundreds more will accept the same content spread across all of them as long as the author names stay consistent.
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    What I heard from the CEO of EzineArticles is that, they will only concern if the article is exclusive to you or not.

    ... just like what Slade556 said.
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    Yes, if you're careful. Keeping the same pen name is a very good idea if you post to your site before Ezinearticles.
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    If I want to post to my blog under my own one word real name, the pen names cannot be the same as Ezines will not accept one word names, even if real.
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