Where can I buy facebook fans?

by simtex
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Hi Great mind,
I just setup a facebook fan page I need to get some fans to it, Pls is there a service that I can use, so they can invite friends to my fanpage and I will pay for the service?
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    Loads of people offer that on fiverr. Bear in mind that any fans that are "bought" won't be real fans and will probably have no interest at all in your page.
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    Hi Simtex

    What would you be willing to pay?

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    I bought 15000 fans today for $5 @ fiverr.
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      Also bear in mind that all followers that are bought are usually dummy accounts set up solely for the purpose of selling them as followers. No real person ever logs in to them.
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        Originally Posted by rosetrees View Post

        Also bear in mind that all followers that are bought are usually dummy accounts set up solely for the purpose of selling them as followers. No real person ever logs in to them.
        Hi rosetrees,

        I agree with you on this.

        When I read the OP I stopped for a moment: Why anyone thinks that the fans he bought this way will be at all relevant to or interested in what he advertises on his website.

        I'm a bit old fashioned maybe, because I haven't trillion followers on FB and I also don't follow everyone and his auntie who stumbled into my way. (Anyway, I use a pen name on FB.)

        IMHO it's far better if I have only two hundreds followers who are really interested in what I'm saying than 5000 who aren't. I may to convert those 200 followers into buyers in a while. But... they will never buy from me, who do not care what I'm saying.

        Naturally... I see, this also is a business for someone... for some time.

        All the best,


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    There are heaps of people on fiverr offering this kind of service. I haven't tried it but I see lots of good recommendations.
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    fiverr is teh cheapest and best place I reckon for fans

    i was looking for them for ages - some sites offfer 1000 at $40 which is good too but how can you make these convert - for me they are just decoration
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    If you have a good friends list on facebook so i think you have no need to buy them. Just tell your friends to join and suggest your page to their friends.
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  • I was checking this out on fiverr, but was wondering:
    >how do you know they are fake friends--especially some of the larger ones seem suspect.
    >will they like/recommend you for a length of time
    >if they are real friends and they do it a lot won't their friends just ignore their recommendations
    >don't you want someone who has similar interests [ex. our website is for bargain book buyers BargainBookMole-org
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    what benefit are fans if they are not clicking on your product? Is there any SEO benefit?

    A great place to get Coupon Inserts

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    Try to get fans naturally rather than getting it by robots.. since they are of no use..

    many times those who agree to get u more fans do it using robots. so better be careful or try hard to get the fans naturally.

    Best Wishes
    ~ Fazle
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    Wow. First time I've heard of buying Facebook fans. Good luck.
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  • I see what you all are saying, but I've noticed that if you have a solid base of a few hundred people to start, other people will like your page (real fans) with more regularity. No one ever wants to be the first person on it.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way, you're right.
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    Got a question? Even if you aren't one of my pubs I'll try to help you out:
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    Facebook PPC is the best way to "buy" fans.
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    I have created Fanpages and Twitter accounts using services before and they never seemed to work for me. Sure, I had thousands of fans and followers, but none of them cared about what I was talking about. In order for Social Networking to work, make sure you have a great fan page, something that you can offer them, an opt in form, drive some traffic to it using Facebook advertising or other natural traffic means, and you will start to get results. There is no point in trying to fake your way to 20k fans, you wont see any financial results. IMHO!
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