Which Niche To Go With??

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OK.....so I have narrowed it down to 2 niches.....

Niche A-USING THE KEYWORDS HAS 240 Clicks per day and there are 400k sites on Google....all sites(Top 5)have a PR of 8 or higher.

Niche B-USING THE KEYWORDS HAS 40 Clicks per day and there are also 400k competing sites. Top 4 sites have a PR of 3 and the number 1 site having a PR of 8.

I really want to start plugging away but I am having a hard time moving pass this point. Both Niches have a few Ezine or Go articles. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Aside from all the numbers man all I can say is you better have an interest for the niche you are in as I found that out the hard way. Good luck.

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    If you are fast and focused, I see more room to compete in Niche B. How fast do you think you can get a PR of 4 or better?

    To be honest, I'd forget them and find Niche C.
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    I think you can pretty much attack any niche although I know some would disagree with that. If you are trying to get your own website ranked than B would be easier since the strength of competition is lower. If all the sites in A in the top 10 have a PR 8 or higher it'll be a loooong time for you to rank there, if ever. It also depends on their backlinks. That doesn't mean you can't find other ways to promote in that niche though (like article marketing, etc) because it sounds like there is demand there.

    Also, I disagree with the comment that you should stick to a niche you are interested in. Having a passion for a niche is great but ultimately if its not bringing in sales like you'd like you're better off going where the money is.
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      I agree with that. You should go to where the niche is in demand and you can start off promoting affiliate programs and blogging. check out a website called homebusinessnaire for helpful tips.
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    Originally Posted by Internet Rookie View Post

    all sites(Top 5)have a PR of 8 or higher.
    For me, that would be the end of that. For that particular keyword. I'm not interested in ranking 6th or lower, and don't have enough patience/skills to compete with five pr-8+ sites. I know it's possible to outrank them with a lower pr site, but with my limited skills it's just not something I'd take a chance on.
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    How are you figuring out how many clicks a keyword is bringing in?
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    I would run from Niche A. Seriously. Unless you have lots of time.

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      Thanks to all who responded.....I just found another niche...It looks to good to be true...I guess we can call this Niche C

      Niche C...Keyword..125 CLICKS PER DAY....400K competition sites..so site#1 a PR OF 6, site#2 a PR of 2, site#3 a PR of 4, site#4 a PR of 1 and site number 5 a PR OF 0....YES ZERO. So what do you guys think...is this a winner...maybe?:confused:


      PS...Keyword is a 2 word phrase.
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    I would go with Niche A BUT I would keep digging down to get more long tail keywords if you are looking to get ranked in Google.

    You always want to go where the traffic is, but ultimately you will need to get those long tail keywords if you want to be found in this decade

    Best of luck!
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    I wouldn't worry too much about how many sites are in the index. Focus on the top ten sites or the first few pages. You could do a search with your keywords in quotes to see how many pages are using your keywords in the title of their pages. This may give you an indication of how many sites are doing SEO work and are ranking for it.

    As with Page Rank, it is one factor that can effect ranking. It's not the only one though (lower PR sites ourtrank higher ones all the time). Although I admit 5 sites at 8 PR or higher doesn't sound promising. Is that the PR of their homepage or the PR of the actual pages you will be competing against?

    You may want to consider identifying who the main competitors are in your niche. Look at their backlinks to the pages you will be competing against. How many links are there? What kind of sites are those pages getting links from. Are they getting links from authority sites? Also look at their on page content and branding. I wouldn't just look at PR and clicks per day over your keywords to evaluate the competition.
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    I don't really care about page rank or number of links, it's quality of links that's important for me.
    But pr8 is too time consuming/expensive to go after.
    Start small, then take on bigger fish when you know what you are doing.
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