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Hey Warriors,

I am wanting to maximize my adsense earning. I currently have 7 auto blogs but not making much at all. I am making a little less than a dollar. I am getting traffic to them just not much clicks. I wanted to see would you recommend I outsource the article and content to someone to keep unique up to date content or try another avenue to generate traffic and earn more in adsense?

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    Thanks for all your responses

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    Generating traffic isn't necessarily about just having unique content. It's how you present the information, your writing style, and whether or not people find it useful. People have to be able to relate to what you're talking about. Otherwise you're playing a game of manipulate the visitor, and that's just not sustainable. Advertisers come above content publishers because without them Google wouldn't be around.

    Personally, I don't see the point in creating something just for the money. Because you just can't relate to someone if all you got is diamonds in your eyes. It just ends up being a wild goose chase for handfuls of change. If there's a topic you're truly passionate about, and you are bringing something new to the table then blog about it. To be blunt, if you're willing to settle for a hand of change here and there on a website that took you hours to produce you don't value yourself.
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      what type of auto blogs have you set up, just give me an idea of the niche type? product, sport, health?

      The way i see it, when i'm looking for something to buy, and i no what i want, then it's just a matter of wethear i buy from a site a or site b, you can make really useful content but is that user then going to click on your ad because the article ways great, affiliate marketing is a numbers game.

      Build more better auto blogs, or build large websites with lots of unique content and put adsense on the unique content site.

      more pages more money, and how long have you had the auto blog site running?

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    You don't say how much traffic you are getting or your CTR, so perhaps some of my advice does not apply but I'll give it just in case.

    Traffic = money and if you are trying to get organic search engine traffic than that is all about the keywords.

    So, first, I would suggest you take a look at the keywords you are targeting and see where you are ranking for those keywords. If you are not #1, then go about getting more/better backlinks until you get to #1.

    Then, if you are still not getting the CTR you desire, think about experimenting with your adsense placement - moving your ads around, adding more ads, taking some away etc... - make 1 change at a time and let it sit for a week or so to determine which configuration will earn you the most money.
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    Around $1 per month (or just under in your case) isn't bad for an Autoblog. It's all about volume and setting up multiple Autoblogs.
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    For autoblog, I would say that the more the better. Make your autoblog constantly producing at least 4 articles everyday. If best if you could manually select which posts will be published. Publish only related information. I have 6 currently and 1 of them is having consistant traffic from search engine for just 1 or 2 page. People is searching for a long tail keyword that one of my blog post ranked #2 on it. It was not a lot of traffic (i think about 30+) but I got at least 1 click per day just from these pages.

    Image you have 100 posts, and only 5 of them rank high in search engine, that would be good enough because you are not doing anything to make it rank high as it's all automated. So, the more posts + blogs, the better chance you get more traffic.
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    @ Steve hills. I have had them up a little over a month

    @ Ryan thanks man

    @ jenhuei thanks man I will take all of your information man and see what I can come up with

    @ everyone thank you for your feedback I will take this information back to the drawing board and come out stronger. Next time I hope to have a thread of my testimony of succuess


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    I have a sports auto blog, mma auto blog, how to make money auto blog, a health auto blog, and a loan site that has links to various types of payday and personal loans you can get online.

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    You have to promote your auto blogs. I have 6 auto blogs and each makes about $5 a day for a total about $900 a month. My main site which is not on auto pilot makes about $4000 a month.
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    You can just promote your blogs to maximize its income. I also have autoblogs but I also make sure to post at least one original content on my site just to give it a different thing to read.
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    I love these debates over autoblogs or content blogs. However I have devised a system I will soon be calling power blogging. Where you take the updated beauty of autoblogs and combine it with the 100% original content of an actual blog and you have a power house set to take on the world. I have to ask one thing though are you giving links to the original from your auto blog. If so then this is why you are losing the ctr you want from your auto blogs. If you can get away without adding a link to the original source then do not leave a link and they will click on your ads. Are your ads above the fold and t the end of the posts where these links would be. You need atleast one set of ads at the top of the page for easy visability. You want another at the bottom of the post where the lik backs are going to go. To make it simple you want to confuse the reader at the bottom while just showing they have alternatives at the top.
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