Does Autoblog still work?

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I'm planning to launch some niche blogs using wordpress and amazon auto poster, I have some great keywords to target with very low competition but I need to know if this kind of website can help to start a long term business and also posting content from this plugging I can get rank #1..

Also I need to know if you have any recommendation about how to make auto blog in a cheap but better way...

Your comment are of great value for me
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    For some unknown reason, no they don't. Don't waste your time.
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    Whilst I think autoblogging is an easy solutions - in the long run is it providing the kind of content you want your customers to be reading.
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    You can make some small money with it. If you want to make big money, it is better to create your own content. My auto blogs are making like $5 a day.
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    I have a friend who has about 200 autoblogs each bringing him ~$5 a day with AdSense (!)

    Personally no matter how hard I tried, I didn't actually get my autoblog to perform nearly as well.

    I think it just takes a lot of time though. I started an autoblog about 1.5 years ago and the other day I noticed that it has actually been getting constant traffic for quite some time (and comments!).
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    I believe it takes quite some time for an autoblog to gain traction, and you have to be patient in waiting for the results to come to fruition. The preeminent autoblog software out there seems to be WP-Robot, and I'd stick with that if I were you, as it'd be pointless in trying to save a few dollars and deal with something unknown that may not give you the kind of results you'd get with WP-Robot.

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    there are some people who make a six figure income from nothing but autoblogs so yes they do work, anybody who says its impossible for them to work is obviously wrong. they can be a pain to manage though and won't yield any significant results until you have a ton of them so there might be better ways to leverage your time rather than focusing on autoblogs. but they do definitely work
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    Yes autoblogs work. But you better have some mean link building or some incredible keyword targeting.

    Chic Fil A > McDonald's

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    yep, it does! I have several ab's and they do good
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    I started one with the best software and highly recommended. It feeds in nicely however all the content is duplicate and thus I get next to nothing in traffic because nothing on the site gets indexed.

    The only way a auto blog works is if you go in and stop each auto post and change around the title and some of the content. But then again its no longer an autoblog is it?

    In my opinion and after working with it for a while and reading up on it my votes NO it does not work
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