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My first post... so be gentle. I'm in a quandary about general website flow. I'm setting up a site with a squeeze page--> which lead to aWeber double optin--> which points to my sales letter. I'm capturing prospects by an aWeber form with double optin, which is pretty straight forward. My sales letter is where I'd like customers to pay for the subscription service. I'd also like to have these paying customers added to my "paid customer list" within aWeber.

From what I've been told by aWeber tech support, I cannot use a PayPal subscription button as a way to both sign up customers for the subscription service AND add these customers to my "paid customers list" on aWeber. Evidently I can do this with a PayPal "Buy" button, but not with the PayPal "Subscribe" button. Are there any other options?

I did think about adding an aWeber form to my sales page, where customers could simply add their contact info... receive the confirming email... and be directed to yet another page to actually pay for the subscription service. This seems really, really cumbersome.

Is there anybody in the forum who's running a similar subscription service who could tell me how they're handling this? Maybe I'm just looking at it the wrong way.
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    Have you considered using a membership script that subscribes people to your buyers list automatically?

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    Have you had any success so far?
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      Thanks for the replies! I have considered membership software but was really hoping to integrate everything directly with aWeber... for simplicity sake. My assumption was that adding Paypal subscriptions to aWeber would be a no-brainer, but I was wrong. (Been wrong before so I have no problem admitting it.)

      I'll look at the membership software again. I'm planning to launch this site next week (via a Google attack) so I'll just have to see how it goes. For the time being, I'll use the the "poor man's" membership method, and use the internal Wordpress functionality.

      Thanks again for the replies!

      You are making this work at home stuff way harder than it is. Ready for some sanity? Clear your head and start over.

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