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There has been past discussions on the best way to get a banner. This is one such thread. http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...tml#post244960

Many newcomers to Internet marketing are struggling to get their tools and website designs, etc. in place without going bankrupt. They are also inexperienced with graphic design and many even with html. As the economic situation worsens it is even more important to find tools that are either free to use or inexpensive to buy. So what's the solution.

Years ago when I was in that situation I found a beautiful banner creator that lets you do a very nice banner for free. It will get you there. In fact I use nothing else on my sites and it has certainly worked for me.

Graphics are fine but they don't sell anything. The thing that sells is your headline. A smart one or two line line banner will do just as good if not better for you than an extravagant graphic with poor wording.

These banners are simple and effective and the link is Banner Maker, Online Banner Maker, Free Banner Maker This is not an affiliate link and I get nothing for referring people to it but it is a great service.

Check it out and experiment with colors, which you can change to suite your web site, see my sig site BIG where there is a banner on the bottom of the first page. You cannot change the design but you can play around with the wording etc. If you need more help PM me.

God bless

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