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by derh
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Hey guys

When registering a new domain name (for an Amazon Affiliate Site) should I register a domain name after the product title (example kodaksg2000. com)


Should A register a domain name based on the product subject (example 12megapixaldigitalcamera. com).

What do ya think will get the better traffic?
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    Depends on a number of factors, how much competition is there for the title and product key phrases? You need to pick your battles in SEO. No point trying to outrank companies with a massive SEO budget.
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      I suggest go for Niche not Product... If any product gets unpopular then what will you do? If you build your website on a niche you can change your affiliate products not the content of website. I think you got my point.

      - Pradeep
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        I would also recommend you go after the niche domain name. This way you will avoid any trademark issues and you can build your site out over time to be an authority site in the niche which will be very valuable to you.

        You can either keep the site and the monthly income or sell it for a good amount of money later down the road.


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    I am going to agree with the above two people, go after a niche. Their payout % is pretty low, so it would take quite a bit of sales just to get back the money on your domain name.
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    If "Kodak SG 2000" is your primary, most highly searched-for keyword phrase, then obviously registeing the corresponding exact-match domain would serve you better for the purposes of ranking for that phrase.

    It's really down to choice and how you intend to structure and/or expand your site, going forward.

    Bear in mind, however, that if you use trademarked terms in your domain name(s), you could find yourself in one of 3 situations, further down the line:

    1) The company who owns the trademark doesn't like it and requests you cease usage of the domain.

    2) The company who owns the trademark doesn't like it and requests you not only cease using the domain, but also transfer it to them.

    3) The company who owns the trademark doesn't like it and decides to sue you on whatever grounds they see fit (e.g. loss of revenue, unfair product representation, illegal impersonation.. or whatever other crap. I don't know; I'm not a lawyer, but these are all possibilities if you're using their name in your domain).
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      thanks guys.
      I will stick with the niche instead of the product title.

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