Outsourcing. NO more Theory give me your REAL Results

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I do a little outsourcing now but its mostly just customer service (US guy) and backlink stuff (india) Both are realiable and good.

I don't want to use them for additional stuff due to time etc..

Of course I know outsourcing can free up time etc.. But what I am asking is this......

Do you use outsourcing for a complete new idea where the outsourcer (s) do all of it?

In other words has anyone done anything like this.....

Find a product (or the outsourcer finds the product)
Have the outsourcer do a video review of said product
have outsourcer do articles on the said product.
have outsourcer build a website of said product review
have outsourcer do backlinks for said product review site.

Me as the employee make money off the products being sold etc.. Via the affiliate link.

Obviously those could be more then 1 outsourcer (so 1 guy does, video, another articles etc...)

But that has nothing to do with my main business per say but once the outsourcers are trained just runs autopilot.

Has anyone tried this before? AGAIN PLEASE NO THEORY. Looking for real results.

Or tried something similar.

Love to hear your feedback.
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    I think if you want it to run on auto pilot like you just described you'll need to go with an outfit that has offices and a team leader that can make sure employees work their 8 hours or whatever and also make sure they get trained right etc.

    I've tried hiring a few Phillipinos and although it works out decent I am spending a lot of time training them then they disapear for a few days, then their internet goes down (which is legit) etc.

    Another thing is that there is no way for me to make sure they work their full 8 hours so it makes it a bit difficult.

    Having one or 2 is fine and can work well but if you are talking mass outsourcing I would recommend you go with an established outfit with team leaders etc. You'll pay a bit more but productivity will be 10 times higher.

    That's my opinion anyways.


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    Whats up with the demands?
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      Originally Posted by Cash37 View Post

      Whats up with the demands?
      Isn't it funny how some people don't get the feedback they are wanting to find, because they put too many restrictions on how "we give them our time"...

      If the OP wants to pay my consulting rates, I would be happy to jump through his restrictions to give him the answer he wants...
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    For new idea.

    I have given completely new idea , but after I have had someone on my team and know they are a good fit for that and trust.

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    so anyone do what I was suggesting?
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    check out the classified ads on this site there is a wide range of people offering almost every kind of service you can think of
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    what are you looking to accomplish?
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    I think the post was clear. I have heard all the theory.

    Ie hire people overseas for $100's per month blah blah, get more work done by outsourcing etc....

    I get all that its like saying find a product to promote and go make a page and drive traffic to it. Well duh. But that doesn't go into details.

    I know you can outsource articles, videos etc.... I know what you can outsource the stuff etc...

    What I am asking for is tangible results.

    IE I have an outsourcer doing videos for me on product xyz, he puts my affiliate link in it and I make hundreds a month above what I pay him etc...

    Again like I said I outsource already my customer service and backlinks etc... But those are more time savers not money makers. (not going to debate the time is money thing)

    My point is real stuff a person could use etc... Like I mentioned in the OP.

    Lots of talk about outsourcing the results is what I am looking for. And more from an affiliate marketing aspect so far doesn't look like many people have the experience with it in that venue.

    So to boil the question down.

    What exactly is your outsourcer doing for you that MAKES YOU MONEY? (NOT SAVES YOU TIME!)

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      as the employer of an employee YOU must be the one to come up with the way for your employee to make money for you. thats why you are the boss.

      you cannot hire people to make you money... it just doesnt work that way.

      you can however set up a system and have your employees follow that system.

      you can give them tasks and have them complete them.

      but you cannot hire people to just make you money.

      also... as a side note... treat your oursourcers right... they are real people with real feelings, wants, needs, desires, ect.

      they are not your money making magic bullet.

      so... with that said... learn the marketing first... then show them how to do it and duplicate yourself by having others do what you need done.
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    This is ABSOLUTELY based on real world results.

    Your customer service...can...and should make you money!

    I do two things (or have Reggie do two things)

    1. On questions that are going to be long and very
    time intensive we use what we call the "I'm Swamped"
    email which is an email that apologizes for not being able
    to answer to their specific situation and as an apology...we
    give them a special offer link to our program.

    2. Use PS and signature lines.

    Aren't many of your questions Pre Sales questions?


    Does your program come with a guarantee?

    Sure right?

    So...why not make a special offer saying thanks for asking?

    I don't pay a penny to outsource my customer service, customer
    service PAYS ME...and keeps my prospects and customers happy too:-)


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    I outsource my product creation and the graphics.

    I do the research on the market, give the outsourcer my detailed brief with research and I go to Odesk to get someone else to do the dirty work! =]
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