Optimizing WSO for Google?

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Hi guys,

Yesterday I sold my WSO through the search term 'clickbank $9,930.60' which is a phrase I used apparently in my sales letter.

No idea why anyone would search for that but I track my sales and that was the referral.

So I was wondering if you were also getting some sales through search results? Is it possible to do some SEO for a WSO?

I know the warriorforum is indexed pretty nice with google which is great.
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  • That's a nice, but to be honest, the Warrior Forum has such great traffic already (and people visiting it who are positioned to buy), you're much better presenting your WSO offer towards them.

    In fact, some people prefer it if their WSO is not indexed by Google at all. For instance, they might be using the Warrior Forum to prelaunch a product which will be sold for a higher price through affiliates outside the Warrior Forum.

    So, I'd definitely recommend that you concentrate on making your offer attractive and valuable for Warriors, rather than look towards the external search engines at all.


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      I wouldn't really waste your time with it like the poster said above this site gets millions of visitors a month so there's enough traffic that can be tapped into, I'd focus more on a title that has a good click rate so look at all the other WSO's that have high thread views and try and contruct titles from how they have written their titles.
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    Thanks for you reactions guys.

    Of course I look at titles of 'succesful' WSO but you never know if they have had such high views because they were bumped a lot.

    but it's definitely a good indication of triggering titles.
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    Just thinking about it if you had say for example a WSO on "Make Money Online" and you included that into your title you may after a while be able to rank for "Make Money Online" if you linked that anchor text back to the WSO you then after a while be able to rank for that keyword, I have seen WF rank for keywords before now.
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      It is possible that your thread or WSO ranked in google. My experience is `How to` type frazes usually get ranked in google. If we include it in our thread or logo wisely then we can get some traffic from google also.

      - Pradeep
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    in my old signature i had a link to my business site. i picked up something like 45 links from that anchor text.

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