Website is done, content is written what, now?

by Kennyz
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I started with affiliate marketing 4 months ago, and in the last two weeks i build 2 wordpress micro niche websites after long keyword research.

* In each site I have written content that contains 6 posts including links to affiliate product.
* For each site i build around 50 backlinks, with all the strategies i know

Now the question is, what now?

I can continue to build backlinks, but i need to write more and more content on a regular basis?

I want to get a daily traffic through SEO, and make money through affiliate products sales.

What is the right way from now? i'm lost.
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    A new decent post on each blog every day, and concentrate on offpage-SEO e.g. link building
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      Originally Posted by sparckyz View Post

      A new decent post on each blog every day, and concentrate on offpage-SEO e.g. link building
      I dont have any other idea to write about, its software product..
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      more content and more backlinks!

      It's all about consistency. Once you get the momentum of a few sales it's easy to sit back and watch all your efforts start to fizzle out...

      Ask me how I know

      Assuming your keyword research was good and your pages presell the affiliate offers well - with traffic (which you should start to get once your backlinking efforts kick in) you should start to see commissions!

      Track your traffic stats using Analytics - track your site in the Search results to see which keywords your ranking best for.

      Learn which products sell best - try to figure out why.


      Then just rinse and repeat!

      Good work on taking action and good luck!
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    Yes, you need to keep pumping in fresh content.
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    fresh content good advice. make sure your on page seo is completed properly. i'm not a top expert but i would advise dont build eight million links too soon, but instead start building them gradually. can do aritlces, press releases, etc etc. anything to start getting the word out.
    hope that helps

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    You should also tell us what you're promoting, because google is not the one and only source for traffic. But it really depends about what you're promoting...
    Andrei Cristian,
    eConcept Designer and Developer

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    Keep Fresh Content, Make Quality Backlinks, Social Bookmarking etc.

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