How many of you doing successful Article Marketing without Ezinearticles?

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How many of you doing successful article marketing without ezinearticles? and why especially without ezinearticles?

Could you please tell also two things that

1. In which directories you do submit? and doing successful article marketing.

2. Which Articles Directories are best to attract newsletter publishers?
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    I think you could do okay without EZA - but you'd certainly be making things harder on yourself.

    EZA is the best in terms of driving any traffic - but that's not to say there isn't value in getting backlinks from other directories, etc. And actually lately for me, sometimes articlesbase articles that are identical will rank better than eza articles.

    I always submit to EZA first, wait to get approved, and then re-submit the same article to other directories.

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    If the article is decent, I put it on my site first. I rewrite it and submit it to EZA first then to a bunch of other directories after EZA accepts my article. Other directories I submit to include iSnare, Article Cube, Article Dashboard and Squidoo. I also rewrite the article so it is unique and submit it to Hubpages.

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    I have had succes with Do a search for Cheap Tires and you will see we are in position 2. Most of the backlinks have come from our other articles on

    A great place to get Coupon Inserts

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    I was doing pretty well without EZA. There's no reason really, other than I find Hubpages to rank higher and pass more link juice / traffic than EZA. For me there's a time factor, too. I concentrate on a few sources rather than lots of different ones.
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    Hi, Most article submission sites are good but to help get them seen then using a social bookmarking programme certainly helps. Everytime I write an article and post it I always use a social bookmarking programme as featured on my website. Everytime I do I get a sharp increase in feedback and emails. Thanks
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    write them submit them spin them submit them. I get most sales EZA. I know the approval time sucks but thats the way the game is just play by the rules and win.
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