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I've spent the last 6 months immersing myself in learning how to create an online business. I have a site related to my offline business and will be creating my own products to sell soon.

However, I'm interested in building other niche sites and have been bombarded by IM gurus who have the latest, greatest tools, scripts, plug-ins that will "...." (fill in the blanks). This IM business seems to be a continual rehash of the "make a million by telling others how to make a million" story line...not a market I'm interested in.

I've purchased several tools to use in my market research and spend hours reading/researching trying to garner tidbits of information to help me. IMs selling their "how-to" products closely guard their core niches/markets and seem to focus most of their public presence on selling their "how-to" products. No problem, their success is enviable.

What I'd like to hear about are the metrics by which IMs make a decision to enter a particular niche market. It's easy to find traffic stats and other information using readily available tools. But search traffic only gives one part of the picture.

What metrics do you use to measure a potential niche? What metric values do you use to make the go/no-go decision?
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    I am only concerned with if it is a niche I can make money with, and how strong my competitors are in the niche...

    Generally, if a lot of people have tossed their hats into a niche, that is a good signal as to whether someone can profit in that niche... And if there are a number of Adwords buyers in that niche, long-term buyers, then I believe it is safe to assume that someone is making money in the niche...

    I don't worry about the number of competitors in a niche, because I know I am a better marketer than most people in any niche... I only concern myself with the perceived marketing strength of my competitors...

    If there are a lot of strong competitors in a particular niche, I may skip the niche, because I perceive that it will require more time and money resources to effectively compete in the niche...

    I know that you are probably looking for more concrete information than I shared, but these are the metrics I use to determine whether I will pursue a particular niche, and I can frequently reach a conclusion in just a few hours...

    I make quick assessments, because I don't want to waste my time over-analyzing a particular market... I might do it differently if I knew I would spend more than a day or two building the site, before moving to the next...
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    Thanks, tpw. I use Market Samurai and have been exploring different niches to get a feel for how their competition module works. Thanks for your insight.
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