What's Stopping You From Creating Your Own eProduct

by dalvia
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Hey Everyone,

I'm a curious person, and with the re-launch of Jeff Walkers PLF 2.1, I was surprised to read on the pre-launch blog how many don't have their own product to launch or sell. (I read the same entries last launch too)

So, what do you think holds people's back from product creation???

Would love to hear your thoughts,

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    Good question.

    I think it has a lot to do with mindset. You have to reach a point in your own mind where you feel you can produce a product worthy of attracting consumers of it.

    Not everybody falls out of bed feeling like they know enough about any one particular thing or topic to create a product.

    Then there are those searching and waiting until they're sure they can create 'the next big thing'.
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    A: Nothing.

    Actually i used that tag-line in one of my ebooks about how to make money with ebooks. Because nothing is stopping anyone .)
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    That a good point Clyde and certainly could be part of it...mindset has alot to do with everything we do offline and online.

    Also could be not knowing where to begin and it could be over analyzing the process,
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    I think its to much effort . A lot of people don't even change the product when it comes to Master Resell Rights so product creation is a no go for a lot of people


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