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I'm marketing a new website with a very basic niche called thepoorgolfer if anyone has anyone interest. It's just a basic golfing website. I'm excited to have launched this site but what advice someone have for niche advertising?
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    Some may interpret your inclusion of the domain name in your post as an attempt to advertise yourself, an activity that is frowned upon by many...

    A pretty solid rule to follow is to only include the URL in your post, if the post does not make sense without the URL, which is not the case here...

    If you want to be safe, edit your original post and remove the URL, and simply state that your site is golf related...

    There are literally dozens of ways that you can advertise any new site (free and paid), and there are thousands of sites where you can get your advertising...

    The best advertising you can get is Targeted Advertising, where you are able to talk to those people most likely to buy from you...

    There are a lot of sites online committed to golfing, so it will not be hard for you to find advertising in this niche...

    Generally, I consider this topic to be one that invites content marketing, which involves article marketing, press releases, and blogging...

    There are also many forums dedicated to the sport where you can contribute in a positive way to the community and leave a link to your site in your signature...
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    Your question seems kind of generalized, hopefully I can help.

    My advice for Niche Advertising for you is first Identify your niche and sub-niches.

    It looks like your niche is Golf and your sub-niche might be for used golf balls, as your page describes: used and recycled golf balls that the pros use.

    So from here you will want to identify good keywords that get a lot of search traffic and have little competition.

    If you are planning on doing Organic search traffic then find keywords that have exact match terms and are long tail keywords, that is, keyword phrases the three are or more words.

    This will help to reduce the chances of huge amounts of competition.

    It's best to go after keywords in [exact] match that get 1000 or more searches per month.

    If you are a beginner in SEO than you should try to go for less competitive keywords, one way to do this is look for ones that have less the 20k competing pages in "quotes".

    But what you REALLY want to look for is what kind of sites are on the first page of Google and how strong those sites are. If they are big Authority sites then it's best to stay away from these.

    However, if you find a lot of free-to-post sites such as Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Hub pages, Squidoo, or Buzzle, then you should be able to compete with them and win.

    I hope this helps!

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    Not my intentions tpw. But thank you for the advice ill look into that further.
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    And thank you Paul.
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