Clickbank refund...14 or 60 days?

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Clickbank's return policy states that they have a 60-day return policy. "Bring The Fresh", which is sold through Clickbank shows a 14-day guarantee. Does anyone know the story here? I had a product on Clickbank last year, and I remember they were strict about stating the 60-day return on the sales page.

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this.
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    Yeah, it is definitely 60 days. That is one of their terms of service.

    They may have changed it after the sales page was approved but you will probably get an answer from the clickbank support.
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    FAQ Returns - ClickBank

    Definitely 60 days.
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    Bring the fresh is perhaps taking a fresh approach to Clickbank. Like most other have said on this thread, it's definitely 60 days.
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    The Clickbank Help file says it's 60 days.

    Maybe "Bring the Fresh" is just trying to get you to think you only have 16 day so that if you want a refund after those 16 days you won't try to get it.

    I would say that ClickBank it self has more authority than the sales page.

    Hope that helps.
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    Would you expect anything less than sneaky double dealing from Kelly Felix (aka "The Rich Jerk)? Clickbank holds funds in escrow against the creators profits for these occasions.
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    Definitely 60 days, the Bring The Fresh salespage probably says 14 days to discourage and limit refunds. Of course, you could contact Clickbank directly for a refund at any time up till the end of the 60 day timeframe.
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    60 days definitely!
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    The refund period for Clickbank is 60 days. It's in their TOS.

    If any vendor is utilizing ANY 3rd party payment processing system, it doesn't matter what that product owner says - it matters what the conditions set by that payment processor.

    Payment systems is where a lot of marketers need to start waking up to, because there is a wave of changes taking place, especially with the new banking regulations, etc. So, I'd advise you to ensure you are 100% compliant with any 3rd party banking/transaction processing systems.

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    I wonder if Clickbank know that they are trying to change the goalposts.
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    ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any product within 60 days from the date of purchase. For recurring billing products, returns for more than one payment may be provided if requested within the standard 60 day return period.
    Go here for full Return and Cancellation Policy:
    Return and Cancellation Policy - ClickBank

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    I have actually had clickbank refund someone for a purchase after 90 days. So don't let anyone sell you any foolishness about a 14 day refund policy.
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    You don't actually have to mention ANY guarantee on your sales page when using Clickbank.

    However, any guarantee you do mention cannot contradict Clickbank's 60 day money back guarantee.

    This is directly from Clickbank themselves, not my opinion.
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    On one of my pages, I had mistakenly put 30 days when it should've been the Clickbank 60. Luckily my assistant caught it and changed it. After the 30 days, some customers just refunded straight through Clickbank rather than emailing support that they want a refund.
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    Used to be 90 days (I think) but now 60.
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      Actually we were approved several months ago by the VP of Clickbank for their "beta" refund policy, which can be anywhere from 7-60 days. This is not advertised on their TOS page because it is only available to a select few vendors. Another vendor approved is IMeye.

      So it turns out maybe I'm not a "sneaky double dealing rich jerk"!

      Sometimes it may be worth it to give someone the benefit of the doubt before making blind accusations?
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    They have a 60 days return policy for sure.
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      Feel free to contact Clickbank and ask them how we "get away with" a 14 day refund policy. We have been approved for it. I don't know what else to tell ya. This is from Clickbank directly, in my inbox on 8/23/10:

      "You are correct that ClickBank clients if they list a time frame for a guarantee it must be 60 days. However, we do have a beta program for vendors who are interested in a more flexible refund policy."

      After that, we applied and were accepted.
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  • If you purchase BTF from outside of ClickBank, maybe it is less?
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