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I am wondering if/how blogs can be sold.

Specifically Blogger blogs on their own domain. Not a blogspot domain but a regular domain hosted on Blogger.

I wouldn't want to transfer my Blogger account, but rather a single blog.

I guess I am trying to ask if and how Blogger blogs can be sold. If they cannot be, what kind of blogs can be sold? I have heard of other ones like TypePad and WordPress but I'm really not very familiar.

I ask because I am developing multiple blogs and I may not want to keep them all and may choose to sell some of them. Also because I do have one established blog I am considering selling but it is with Blogger. I need advice.

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    Well, to sell your blogs they must be hosted. You must use your own domain name and hosting. Also they need to have some PR or many back links or traffic. SitePoint and WSOs are good places to sell.
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      Angela -

      Yes you can sell Blogger blogs. It happens quite frequently
      and is really the same concept as selling a site hosted by
      Weebly or a Squidoo lens.

      However, irregardless of whether the blog uses it's own
      domain name or not - the content is still hosted by a 3rd
      party service, so that will put a pretty good dent in the
      sale price, particularly if there is no traffic or revenue
      history to give it a value beyond the domain name.

      In case you're well on the way and need to know how to
      transfer a Blogger blog to another user, I found this
      tutorial. It's 6 months old, so I would double check to be
      sure it's still relevant:
      How to transfer blogger(blogspot) blog between two accounts | Blogger Templates

      Your best bet, IMO, for selling a blog, would be to go the
      route of a self hosted WordPress blog and better yet to
      build up some traffic and revenue.

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        I just answered this question in another post about selling a Wordpress Blog.

        Check my answer out there.

        My quick answer for this type of website.... Ebay.
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