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Is this market saturated as I am passionate about the niche but too much compition is this a good idea to get into? I read Stephen pierce one of his famous books saying the make money online niche is crowded you want to micro it.
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      if you have a passion and you have other way of getting traffic that are supposed to be Direct traffic sources then you will definatellly make it in this niche.on the internet there nothing saturated it all depends on how much you put in the more you work the results you will get. If you are so passionate go in and assess after a moth.

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    Yes, it's a very competitive niche. However, it's not that hard to get into. I got into this niche as a newbie to internet marketing and started seeing success quite quickly.

    Slowly but surely buildup to the competitive keywords, (make money online) but take advantage of new keywords and the lesser trafficked keywords (long tailed keywords). Also provide endless value, be different than the other sites, which will help bring in viral traffic. Get your name spread quicker by using social media, guest posting on relevant sites, and blog commenting. You don't have to heavily rely on seo and search engine traffic anymore.

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    It is a competitive niche - but for any niche there are long tail keywords which have low competition. You should target these long tail keywords first and then progressively target high traffic, high competition keywords.
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    Great suggestions MrDave. Making money online is my passion too and I did tried to blog myself but I guess I didn't put so much effort with it. If your site is new go and promote your site/blog. If possible, update everyday. That way, people will come back and thus continuous flow of traffic to you.

    Im confuse before if I should pursue on this niche but this thread pushed me into something. Thanks! Now I'll blog again~

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    Its competetive because there is a lot of money to be made in this niche so jump in add value and you will get some of that money to.
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