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Sorry - title should say 'My Website Is Missing'

Hi - I have to say in advance that I am very probably asking a dumb question here, but please bear with me.

One of my websites has disappeared - I don't mean from search results, all of the files have gone. Its as if I have gone in and deleted them, which I haven't. The site is one which I started a while back but then went onto other things and left it. I just happened to go back and look at it yesterday and it was completely gone.

I have contacted my hosting company but the file is not there on their last backup so they basically cannot help me. From looking at awstats the site has been missing since 9th October.

I realise that I am a complete idiot for not having it backed up - most of my sites are but a few are not.

If its gone its gone and I am not going to lose sleep over it but I am baffled about what can have happened. Is it possible that my hosting company have done something to cause this? I did have an issue with them a few weeks ago where another of my sites went down and it seemed that my site had got the cname of a different site attached to it and the whole thing was a mess.

Anyway does anyone know whether it could be my web hosts fault or must it be something I have done without realising it?

Sorry to be a such a thicko!

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    Try using the Wayback Machine, http://www.archive.org/web/web.php, to pull up an archive of your site. That should atleast assist you in the re-design/development of it, or you MIGHT even be able to pull down an archive of the entire thing (assuming it's static HTML and no php or other server side scripting).
    Steve Eilers
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    Well you could use google's cache and try to rebuild your website.

    Most of the time when this happens is because you have 'allow annoymous ftp access to your files' ticked in your cpanel.. just click annoyomous FTP and look for that, they are ticked by default for some reason by 99% of the hosts out there -.- I wonder why too...

    This type of incidents have happened to A LOT of people already

    For more information you might want to refer to this thread ...:
    www (dot) warriorforum.com/main-internet-marketing-discussion-forum/
    214879-your-pants-down-yes-going-hurt (dot) html
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    Hi Pauline,

    Does your hosting company only have one previous backup? Worth checking with them if they have anything from perhaps last month?

    As suggested in previous posts, it's also worth checking to see if the site is available to save from Google's cache or through Wayback Machine.

    It may also be time to look at another host, if this isn't the first time you've had this problem.

    Mark Ramskill, SubHub
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    Hi, and thanks to everyone for their replies.

    My hosting company has only one backup and has told me they can't do anything. I have tried the Wayback Machine but uts not pulling anything up.

    I could get some of the site back using the Google cache but to be honest I think I may just start over again with it as I hadn't made a very good job of it and it wasn't doing much.

    I will check out the anonymous FTP thing - I wasn't aware of this.

    The good thing about this happening is that it has taught me a lesson - that I should not rely on my web host for backing up but should do it myself for all of my sites. I have just been lazy really. At least it didn't happen to a site I would have been upset to lose so I have been very lucky.

    Lesson learned!

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